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residential access

Residential Access Sticker

For the residents of Wilmington, Billerica and Tewksbury, allows for unlimited use of compost facility for grass & leaves for a fee of $50.00, see attached guidelines and application form.



Krochmal Farms in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Looking for the finest topsoil, loam and compost to make your next landscape project thrive?

Landscaping Loam Soil ReportLandscaping Compost ReportLandscaping Soil Particle Size AnalysisOur fully permitted "On Farm" agricultural compost facility, located in Tewksbury MA, spans approximately 4 acres, producing the finest loam, compost and topsoil in the area. Utilizing a state of the art Trommel type screening plant, we have formed a reputation of producing the finest screened loam and compost in Massachusetts.

Our facility takes in leaves, brush and grass clippings from area landscape contractors, municipalities and residents. This material is then processed and formed into windrows and turned periodically. When the compost is mature, the material is fed into our ½" minus Trommel type screening plant, producing a fine, stable, finished product ideal for new lawn, topdressing, soil amending, flowerbed mulching and much more.

Please call our office for delivery scheduling and rates. Our friendly experienced personnel will coordinate deliveries to allow for on time drops for your next new lawn project!


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